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Dates: Sat 28 Jul – Sun 4 Aug
Venues: Eton Dorney
Gold Medals: 14 Gold: 8 men, 6 women
Record: See Records
Olympics: All since 1900
2008 Winner: See Records



  • Coxless pair (2-)
  • Men Double sculls (2x)
  • Men Eight with coxswain (8+)
  • Men Four without coxswain (4-)
  • Men Lightweight coxless four (4-)
  • Men Lightweight double sculls (2x)
  • Men Quadruple sculls without coxsw
  • Men Single sculls (1x)

WOMEN'S EVENTS Double sculls (2x)
  • Women Eight with coxswain (8+)
  • Women Lightweight double sculls (2x)
  • Women Pair without coxswain (2-)
  • Women Quadruple sculls without coxsw
  • Women Single sculls (1x)

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